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Shinsei no Sato Christian Church

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2-850 Kubara
Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture



Shinsei no Sato Contact Information

Directions to our church by car

From Nagasaki / Isahaya

Head North on Route 34, cross Suzuta pass. You will see an Elena supermarket on your right. Turn right just past the Elena, right after a pedestrian crossing traffic light. After turning right, drive straight for one block. You’ll see the church on your right.

From Sasebo / Omura interchange

Head towards Isahaya on Route 34. You will pass Omura City Hall on your right and Omura High School on your left. You will see an Elena supermarket on your left.  Just before you get to the Elena, just before a pedestrian crossing traffic light, turn left. After turning left, drive straight for one block and you will see the church on your right.

Public Transportation

Take a Nagasaki Kenei bus from the bus stop in front of JR Omura station. The bus stop is called "Omura Eki Mae South." Get off at "Kubara." It takes  about 15 minutes and costs 150 yen. The church is about a 2 minute walk from the bus stop.  

The Sunday morning bus is at 9:57.

If you have any questions about the directions, feel free to call, 0957-53-5874.

Kanji Names

Omura Station = 大村駅      Kubara = 久原

Omura Eki Mae South = 大村駅前 (南)